Hated by Meghan? This is how Harry felt on his first trip with his wife

According to Diana biographer Tina Brown, the Duchess found her first royal tour torture. “So, Meghan must have been blown away by all of this…right? No. She seemed to hate every second of it,” a Brown Palace official is quoted as saying in her new book, Palace Papers. “She didn’t understand why things were organized that way.”

A statement that loses some of its credibility with Prince Harry’s new advertising clip. In the video, the father of two casually talks about the trip with his wife at the time: “It was an incredible time. We had a great time in New Zealand, it’s beautiful.”

In recent weeks, Tina Brown has repeatedly made headlines with her new tell-all book and related insider interviews. She is constantly bringing the British royals into conversation with new statements and thinks she knows some explosive details that are said to have happened behind the walls of the royal family.

Whether Prince Harry was intentionally trying to deny Brown’s claim, who once wrote a book about his mother, that he actually had a different view of Australia than his, his mention of the trip, which had garnered negative headlines from Brown’s statements Wife Meghan has or whether the time of the contrary statements was just pure coincidence is not clear.