“Have children, please!”: The fans of Daniella Álvarez and Dan Arenas ask for a wedding and a baby after celebrating 8 months of happy courtship | People | Entertainment

A few days ago the Colombian model and presenter, Danielle Alvarez He showed through his official Instagram account, the change of his leg prosthesis.

In the emotional moment, he thanked not only his technical care team, but also the actor Daniel Arenaswith whom he has just celebrated eight months of courtship.

At reel that Daniella shared in her personal account, she appreciates that her boyfriend is always there to accompany her.

Most recently, the actor and the former beauty queen shared very romantic images as a celebration of their eighth month of relationship.

The sublime request of the followers of Daniella Álvarez and Dan Arenas

According to Hola, the representative of Colombia in the Miss Universe of the year 2012, published a photograph of both embracing, where they are seen smiling and wearing combined black outfits.

One of the phrases he used to describe the photograph was “everything that comes together excites me”, which did not go unnoticed by his fans, who immediately filled the publication with comments.

Little faces in love, wedding requests and even comments expressing that they thought they were expecting a baby, were some of the most frequent comments on the publication:

Have children please!

I’m waiting for the wedding!

I want to see them celebrating the wedding and forming a family full of so much love.

God took something from you that hurt you so much, but he gave it back twice as much, a lifelong love that came to heal your wounds

Let the baby come! They are so cute together… I follow them from Uruguay

Why does she have a pregnant face? ❤️

For his part, Daniel shared in his official account on the same platform, an image of the session but in black and white, where the couple appears tenderly joining their foreheads.

In his publication, the actor thanked God for the relationship he has with the model, which he describes as a “stellar, magical and sacred” encounter.

The former Miss Colombia, who decided to face the amputation of part of her left leg with great will, after suffering ischemia in 2020, does not stop sharing moments of love and happiness that help her overcome her spirits after her illness.

The support of her boyfriend and friends have made her feel lucky and surrounded by “angels” who help her achieve everything. (AND)

Daniella Álvarez said goodbye to television to focus on the recovery of her leg