Hayden Panettiere: Finally luck again after negative headlines

Starred in the series “Nashville”. Hayden Panettiere a bitchy show diva who keeps putting stones in her career through scandals and escapades. If you look back at the headlines about the actress in recent years, you can’t help but find some similarities between the fictional series character and the actress.

Only recently found the ex of Wladimir Klitschko back in worrying news when it was said she and her on-off boyfriend Brian Hickerson were involved in a hotel fight. Reports about new film and TV projects have been rather limited lately. All the more gratifying that it has now been announced that the “Heroes” actress will return to her role as Kirby in the next sequel to the famous “Scream” horror films. In the fourth part she was already part of the cast.

Hayden Panettiere will be back in Scream

The original rumor was that Hayden Panettiere would be in the fifth installment of the Ghostface films after her character survived the attacks of the mask killer in the fourth film. To the disappointment of many fans, however, she did not appear in the last sequel to the flick.