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Many choose to be at home and enjoy good series or movies with their family, or go to a room and appreciate them with all the ‘comfort’. These are some of the most popular releases and titles during the last days of 2022.

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The popular platform constantly renews its catalog. This month, several titles began to appear in the suggestions of its users. Among the most popular are:

• Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro: The multi-award-winning Mexican director has become a trend with his handmade, moving and slightly more adult version of the work first published in 1882 by the Italian author Carlo Collodi. Available from December 9.

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• Murderville: The murder mystery of ‘Santa Claus: Detective Terry Seattle’ has a new mission. Christmas is in danger, because its most important character was murdered and he must solve the crime. You won’t be alone. He will be joined by Maya Rudolph and Jason Bateman, playing themselves. Available from December 15.

• Emily in Paris (season 3): The popular romantic series, starring Lilly Collins, arrives with a new installment in which doubts such as if Emily will continue in her current job or if she will risk following other dreams. There will also be a love triangle. Available from December 22.

• Between Razors and Secrets 2 (Glass Onion): The sequel to the successful film released in 2019, with Daniel Craig as the detective ‘Benoit Blanc’; this time he goes to a Greek island to investigate the mysterious murder of a billionaire businessman. Available from December 23.

Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro / Gettyimages
Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro / Gettyimages

This platform also has news for the end of the year season. Among the productions that are added to its programming this month are:

• The House of Gucci: Ridley Scott’s 2021 drama, based on the story of ‘the Gucci’, creators of the fashion empire, and with a luxury cast: Adam Driver, Lady Gaga, Al Pacino, Jared Leto and Salma Hayek, comes after a year of its release in theaters. Available from December 7.

• Something from Tiffany’s: ANDthisproduction tells the story of two couples, on the one hand Rachel and Gary; and on the other, Ethan and Vanessa, who, when buying Christmas presents at Tiffany’s, confuse the boxesthey will unleash a series of confusing events that will change their lives. Available from December 9.

•Jack Ryan: The third season of the hit series about a CIA agent, starring John Krasinski, is here. Based on the work of Tom Clancy, it follows a fearless agent who breaks out of his desk to go on the hunt for terrorists. Available from December 21.

Finally, this platform is not far behind and also has releases this month, so you can prepare to marathon. Some of them are:

• Gossip Girl (Season 2): The classic series that marked a generation returned with new characters. This reboot will have some characters from the original 2008 series and deals with the stories of wealthy students at a Manhattan college. Available from December 1st.

• A Christmas in Hollywood: This romantic film tells the story of Jessica, a young filmmaker who faces a threat from a handsome executive who could stop the shooting of her next movie. Starring Jessika Van and Josh Swickward. Available from December 1st.

• Dark matter (Season 3): This British series, based on the novels by Phillip Pullman, is set in an alternate universe, where humans live with their animal spirits, called ‘daimonions’. Lyra, a girl, must rid the world of a threat. Available from December 6.

Movies in movie theaters

Avatar: The Waterway, James Cameron’s latest film and sequel to his award-winning 2009 Avatar continues to dominate the box office. The film is available at the three cinemas in Ibagué: Cine Colombia, Royal Films and Cinemark.

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avatar and eitherafter Films such as ‘Puss in Boots: The Last Wish’, ‘A Strange World’ and ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ will also continue in the programming of these rooms for this end of the year. Cine Colombia has the Colombian comedy ‘The Last Man on Earth’ on its billboard.

Puss in Boots- Antonio Banderas /Gettyimages
Puss in Boots- Antonio Banderas /Gettyimages

Puss in Boots