He arrived by bus and left in a car 0 km

The largest auto show in the country concluded on Sunday
with the campaign draw ExpoAuto, mark your luck. Of more than 32 thousand people who participated in the contest for buying their tickets, Daniela Zelada was the winner of a vehicle 0 km.

The lucky woman 25 yearssaid that he does not have a car and
who took a bus from the eighth ring road and Virgen de Guadalupe avenue to get to ExpoAuto.

“We arrived late because we had to put our
son”, expressed the winner, who, in addition, arrived just at the time of the draw, receiving in his hands the keys of his new Chevrolet Onix Plus LTZ.

Gabriela’s new vehicle has a powerful 1.0 Turbo 12-valve/DOHC engine, six-speaker stereo, backup camera, radio with MyLink technology and voice command on the steering wheel, among other features.

Gustavo Serrano, Luis Serrate, Patricia Arandia, Paula Arrazola, Raúl Strauss, Rossío Hilera, Marco Barros and
Sebastian Lino

The model Sofía Arredondo shows the winner’s car

Reyes Seleme with the sextet that guided the visitors to
Imcruz at ExpoAuto