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For the Spanish tabloids it has been very easy to judge the Colombian singer, Shakira, after the release of her song with Bizarrap, “Music Session #53”assuring that, due to being wounded in her ego, He took ahead not only Gerard Piqué but his ex-in-laws and his own children.

But behind the story of Shakira’s ex-in-laws, Montserrat Bernabéu and Joan Piqué, there is a story of good encounters and sacrifices for the Barranquillera to adapt to the family: from learning Catalan to building a house to live near the parents of the man who betrayed her, as well as the entire family of the ex-soccer player.

According to Vanitatis magazine, the father of the Barranquillera, William Mebarak, when he published his book ‘To the wind and random’ (Planeta, 2013), assured that since her daughter began her relationship with Piqué, she wanted to adapt and be one more. And that’s something that cost her more than she thought.

Travel to Ripoll and learn Catalan

Among the things that the Colombian singer did was travel to Ripoll and the entire area where his mother, Nidia, comes from. There she walked with Piqué and his family and searched, again, for his roots.

Another of the decisions that Shakira made It was learning Catalan. Aware that Gerard’s mother tongue was Catalan, his father told the magazine that the very hard-working singer learned by watching TV3.

“All of this served for a time so that Shakira and Piqué’s family got along very well. So much so that when the couple decided to build her dream home, they bought more land to build two attached houses: one for her parents and one for his parents.”, highlighted Vanitatis.

Habits, culture and something else…

The effort reached such a point that Shakira acquired Piqué habits: They were used to living closed in on themselves and in their own world, without any exposure, with lifelong friends, in lifelong places.

But little by little the positions came closer and finally Monserrat Bernabéu, Gerard’s mother, became one of Shakira’s best allies in Barcelona.

Shakira’s father, who is not aware of everything that happens because of his state of health, was also a link between the Mebaraks and the Piqués. “Elegant, friendly and very educated, with a life of the world, talkative and friendly, everyone fell in love with him. Meanwhile, Nidia, more shy and withdrawn, she connected less with her in-laws.”

12 years later, The break came and with it the betrayal not only of Piqué, but also of his parents who, in addition to knowing that their son was unfaithful to the Barranquillera, opened the doors of their house to Clara Chía Martí.