He begged the Queen for 23 years because of Camilla

Prince Charles had to fight for his mother’s approval for his love with Duchess Camilla for a long time.

the essentials in brief

  • Prince Charles and Camilla’s love began in a roundabout way.
  • He is said to have begged his mother, the Queen, for 23 years.

Their love was under an unlucky star for years!

Now nobility expert Andrew Morton (69) reports in his new book “The Queen” how Prince Charles (73) fought for Duchess Camilla (74). And won against Queen Elizabeth II (96).

Prince Charles and Camilla had an affair back in the 1970s. Spicy: The Duchess was still married to Andrew Parker Bowles (82) at the time.

Camilla wasn’t invited to Charles’ 30th birthday either. And that pending invitation would remain so for years to come, according to Andrew Morton.

In 1996, Prince Charles and Princess Diana († 36) divorced. But two years earlier, the heir to the throne made it clear in a TV documentary that Camilla was a good friend and would remain so in the future.

The first rapprochement between the Queen and Camilla was at a barbecue in the summer of 2000. The Queen is said to have even given Camilla a brief smile at this date, it is said.

Do you think it’s appropriate that the Queen allowed herself to be asked for a love go for so long?

It was only two years later that Camilla was personally invited by the court to a musical event at Buckingham Palace.

The book says observers suspected the Queen’s new opinion could be linked to her mother’s death that same year.

Because Queen Mum († 101) is said to have been particularly skeptical about the liaison between Charles and Camilla.

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