He brought the first musical to Mexico and shone as ‘Mame’

“I like musical comedy because of the strength that music can give when combined with words, because of the ability to move and vibrate; that combination that causes the magic of theater on stage,” Silvia Pinal recounted in her autobiography ‘This is me ‘.

In 2022 Silvia wanted to return to the theater but her health has prevented her from doing so. However, we must honor her legacy and demand the RESPECT that a legendary figure like her deserves.


Perhaps unintentionally, the diva became a pioneer of musical comedy in Mexico. She was the first actress to star in a musical brought from Broadway, which she saw in New York alongside Emilio Azcárraga Milmo, René Anselmo and Luis de Llano Palmer.

There, the star was Judy Holliday. Here, they had Silvia Pinal, accompanied by a live orchestra and a very high payroll for the time, which forced them to raise the cost of the ticket at the Teatro del Bosque. In English, it was called Bells are Ringingbut in Mexico, it premiered in 1958 as Ring Ring calls love.

“Silvia Pinal, who to look, shine and succeed in this genre, has everything, everything…!”, said the press of the time. They insisted on musical comedy, which “He did not die, nor will it be able to die, if you have a vedette of the high carats of Silvia Pinalwhose star debut in this lavish and inspired musical comedy, though brilliant, is hardly a hint of what she can become in this genre.”

On October 20, 1957, Armando de Maria y Campos wrote in his column El Teatro of the newspaper News Compliments to Silvia:

“Silvia Pinal plays a naïve person –as an actress– and manages to animate a simple and sympathetic character: then she sings for real!, and dances for real!, and finally rises to dazzling success as an actress, dancer and female singer. Actually: as a superstar.”


Without a doubt, ‘Mame’ is the iconic work of Silvia Pinal, which she did several times over 17 years. In 1972 she produced it at the Teatro de los Insurgentes and it lasted a year on the billboard. She later replaced it in 1985, 1986 and 1989.

In the mid-1980s, critics highlighted that the work fell on her, with a character who “gives the opportunity to sing, dance, dress and change over and over again, and again the wardrobe, both in the nine scenes of the first act as in the six scenes of the second, and to act above all in a comedy plan. Without a doubt, Silvia Pinal is a very gifted actress in the most diverse planes, both comic and dramatic”.

After the first time she starred in ‘Mame’, her third success in musicals was with ‘Annie is a shot’. also shone in What’s up Dolly! with Ignacio López Tarso.

In 1998 Silvia acted together with her daughter Alejandra in gypsy, his last musical on stage. However, in other works such as ‘Adorables enemigas’ Silvia did not stop shining with small numbers set to music.