he censures her when she sings! VIDEO

Natasha St-Pier shared with her subscribers a video of a funny moment spent with her son, Bixente. Disguised as a Christmas reindeer, he sang with his artist mum… before censoring her! A moment to discover in video.

Natasha St-Pier shared a sweet moment spent with his son during these end-of-year celebrations, with his Instagram followers. In a video posted on social networks, the 41-year-old Quebec singer appears alongside her little boy Bixente, 7 years old, dressed in Christmas reindeer costume. The artist, who has become a yoga teacher in the South West of France, begins to sing the tune of the Christmas carol (in English, please!) We wish you a merry Christmaswith his son, his “favorite reindeer“, as she calls him in her video. He does not hesitate to give voice … and even puts his hand on his mother’s mouth at the end of the song in order to end on a solo. Does little Bixente have a future in music, like his famous mother?

Natasha St-Pier: her son’s health concerns

Little Bixente was born from her former union with her French husband, Grégory Quillacq. But four months after coming into the world, the baby showed serious health problems. Due to a heart problem, the son of Natasha St-Pier had to undergo a heart surgery which fortunately went well. From now on, to the delight of his famous mother, the state of health of Bixente is reassuring. “He has a cardio follow-up once a year. And for the moment, everything is fine, everything is beautiful and we hope it lasts like this all his life“, had confided Natasha St-Pier to Evening Magin the spring of 2022.

The singer and former acolyte of Pascal Obispo also gave an explanation of the health problems his son had faced: “Tetralogy of Fallot, Bixente pathology, is often associated with chromosomal diseases. (…) Our son’s malformation could have been accompanied by a mental handicap, such as trisomy 21, but an amniocentesis dispelled this concern. The intervention he underwent was aimed at correcting a more mechanical problem and ensuring a life without physical handicap.“.

Natasha St-Pier: how she accompanies her son on a daily basis

Natasha St-Pier is now trying to support her son as best she can. “He is very emotionally intelligent, he understands that he had heart surgery, that he was not functioning well (…) that now it works (…) I had made him a photo album (…) where all his four months of his life are told (…) To leaf through from time to time time with him this book allows him to understand and realize“, had confided the singer to Non Stop People.

What becomes of Natasha St-Pier?

The Quebec singer with multiple hits (I only have my soul, die tomorrow, You will find…) its located in the South West and, after thousands of hours of training, she is became a yoga teacher. She has published a book on the subject: Yoga for overwhelmed parents (Flammarion).

On the music side, she continues her concerts in churches and, in 2022, she released a new album titled Joan. which traces the life of Joan of Arc. A project in line with the album Thérèse, living with love.

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