He demands that he not be called a drug addict, Julio César Chávez Jr knocks out those who criticize him

After being locked up in a rehabilitation center for about 10 months, Julio César Chávez Jr. reappeared a couple of days ago to talk about what he had to experience during his confinement, and he took the opportunity to demand not to be called a drug addict.

Through an interview he gave to the YouTube channel ‘Boxglero’, the 36-year-old boxer did not hold back and He knocked out anyone who criticizes him and labeled him a substance addict, making it clear that it seemed disrespectful to be called that, especially since he had not used any drugs since 2017.

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“I have felt very offended that they say that I am a drug addict. I have never used a drug since 2017, Óscar Valdez tested positive for something to lose weight, it was the last thing I did, ”said Chávez Jr, clarifying that he had only taken medication to lose weight.

According to the Mexican fighter, his reputation in the world of boxing has been tarnished since they began to call him a “drug addict,” in addition to clarifying that during this time several people have taken advantage of his state of health to come out and talk about him.

“They have abused me a lot and the truth is that bothers me because I am a father, I am a son and I am a good friend. I don’t go around with things and people are very taken advantage of, ”she highlighted.

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Without mincing words, the son of Julio César Chávez assured that he did not go to his father’s rehabilitation clinics, and revealed that he did not receive help from any of his relatives, who apparently went on with his life as if nothing had happened.

“I was in another clinic, no one attended me, they left me there and I went out and they kept drinking and doing what they wanted. She never worried them. It was a stand by and they take and do what they want with my things (sic) ”, she recalled.

Likewise, the Mexican boxer did not hesitate to lash out at his dad, ‘the great Mexican champion’, and regretted that his clinics only serve to attract public attention: “My dad with his clinics and that makes him famous, and it’s not worth it because that’s for people with addictions, with people who are ill ”.

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