He denounces ‘The Academy 20 years’ for being racist; Applicant Says She Was Rejected For ‘Being Too White’

Mexico.- The reality show of Aztec TV’The Academy 20 years’ and it is already involved in the controversy, and it is that a young applicant pointed out that she was a victim of racism, as she assures that she was already a finalist, but they left her out for “being very white”.

Through their social networks, Nathan Melo, a young 19-year-old singer from Mexico City, published a video in which she called “The Academy” of racism and committing fraud, as she also assures that there are participants who did not pass the filters, but now they are part of the 20 year old generation.

Nat Melo claims that in ‘La Academia’ she was rejected for ‘being very white’. video capture

“I am a singer, I am a chef and I am an athlete. My artistic training began in musical theater when I was seven years old and since then I have not stopped preparing myself,” he assured.

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Nat explained that at La Academia “they are unfair, very unfair; they are fraudulent and they are racist.”

In her story, the young woman said that she had passed all the filters, four in total, and that she had already been “as a finalist”, however they told her that they would speak to her, but she was waiting for the call.

When she looked for someone from the production to give her an explanation, she assured that the reason was “because of her angry profile.”

They stood me up, I have communicated and searched for the production of La Academia and I only receive responses like ‘your profile is grungy’ or ‘you are very white’”, explains Nat.

“And still the day I went to look for them they tell me ‘but we don’t know what will happen to you’… to date, I’m still waiting for an answer,” he said.

Nat Melo’s claim did not stop there, because he also ensures that there is fraud, because among the participants who have already officially presented, there are two who did not pass the filters.

“The day of the press conference, which was Monday, June 6, I am not going to say names, but there were two girls who did not pass the filters, and they are already in the program, I am a witness how one of them was expelled in the third filter.

‘La Academia 20 años’ started on the night of this Sunday, June 12, under the leadership of Jahir and with the return of Myriam Montemayorthe winner of the first generation, as godmother to the students of this new edition.

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