He does it again! Mona gives her mother a ‘buchona box’ with 50 thousand pesos

León, Guanajuato.-On July 2, Mona surprised her mother on her birthday with a ‘buchona box’ that inside contained 500-peso bills that in total added 50 thousand pesos.

On Father’s Day, Mona gave a buchón bouquet. Photo: Special.

It was the same amount that he gave his father, in his controversial ‘buchón bouquet’ that was lined with 500-peso bills glued with silicone.

That time my mom scolded me because I glued the tickets with silicone and some of them broke; my dad changed them at the bank so he could pay his debts, ”said Mona in a broadcast, while she prepared the gifts for her mom.

The youtuber explained that she wanted to be more discreet with her mother’s gift, so she just put the bills in the box, gave her a giant bear, chocolates, two cakes and a little virgin.

Mona shows the bills. Photo: Capture.

It’s a super giant stuffed animal, with a: ‘I love you very much’ and this is the surprise box where I’m going to give you the money quickly. My mom is the one who prefers money to spend it and that way you avoid problems, “said the Leonese.

He commented that he wanted to give him the same amount he gave his dad, for Father’s Day.

We are going to give her the same amount that we gave my father -50 thousand pesos- and let her do what she wants; I’m going to throw it -the bills- in the box”.

Upon receiving the gifts, her mother asked Mona’s followers: Did it go well for me guys?, and then see all the details that her daughter Marisol gave her.

Mona’s mom receives her bear and pouter box. Photo: Capture.