“He doesn’t take care of anything”: Brigitte Bardot wishes Emmanuel Macron nothing good for 2023

Brigitte Bardot appears in the ranking of the favorite personalities of the French for the first time at 88 years old. For the occasion, the animal rights activist granted an interview to the Sunday newspaper. And when asked what she expects for 2023, Brigitte Bardot takes the opportunity to tackle the French president: “That Macron is no longer there. He doesn’t care about anything. It does nothing for people or animals. And even less for France.”

Special wishes from BB who had already attacked the tenant of the Élysée Palace last December. The quarrel then concerns the law on the prohibition of grinding on male chicks from the 1er January which should have some exceptions. What exasperate the icon of the 1950s: “Oh no, that’s not possible. Well, that’s the government. They say ‘yes, yes’, and afterwards, there are always derogations, and we never move forward.

It was time

During the interview, Brigitte Bardot was not content to settle accounts with Emmanuel Macron. She also said she was surprised she hadn’t appeared in the Top 50 sooner.”I get lots of letters from wonderful people declaring their love.” The creator of the Brigitte-Bardot Foundation, however, acknowledged that her appointment made her “very pleasure“.

Unsurprisingly, it was Jean-Jacques Goldman who rose to the top of the rankings for the twelfth time in his career. Behind him, Thomas Pesquet and Omar Sy complete the podium.

Source- https://www.rtl.be/people/potins/-il-ne-s-occupe-de-rien-brigitte-bardot-ne-souhaite-rien-de-bon-a-emmanuel-macron-pour-2023-1424310.aspx