“He endured it” – New Woman

At the beginning of January, Juanita Ringeling revealed that her son with Matías Assler, Aurelio, was in a delicate state of health. “wawin sick”, he wrote on top of a photo shared in stories.

Although he did not provide more details about the child’s diagnosis, Matías Assler cleared the doubts after sharing a new publication in the platform.

It is a photograph in which he appears holding the baby in his arms, which he accompanied with a revealing message. “Memory of my little one in his last days of Covid-19! Very strong, he took it with no problem!” he said.

In this way, the actor confirmed that his 6-month-old son was infected with Covid-19. The announcement surprised the users of the social network, who sent him affectionate messages and gave him their support with comments such as “I’m glad they’re out” and “Very brave, little one.”

Matías Assler revealed that his son Aurelio had Covid-19

The birth of the first son of Matías Assler and Juanita Ringeling

Let us remember that in July of last year, Matías Assler confirmed the birth of his first child with Juanita Ringeling, Aurelio.

The actor reported his arrival by sharing two photos through his stories. In the first recording, the interpreter is seen posing inside an elevator raising three fingers on one of his hands. “We are already 3″, wrote about the image.

In the second, you can see the card of the room where Juanita Ringeling was at the Santa María Clinic, where they received their first child together. “Thank you all for your good vibes. Everything went very well and Aurelio was born very healthy”, pointed out the actor.

As seen in the last record, Aurelio Assler Ringeling was born on June 28, at 5:44 p.m.. In addition, he weighed 3 kilos 450 grams and measured 50 centimeters.