“He exceeded the limits”: Michèle Torr without filter on the excessive perfectionism of Claude François

Invited on the set of C à vous, Wednesday January 25, 2023, Michèle Torr returned to the behavior and perfectionism of Claude François, whom she knew very well.

She celebrates 60 years of career. Michèle Torr was the guest this Wednesday, January 25, 2023 of Anne Elisabeth Lemoine on the set of It’s up to you. The opportunity for the singer to look back on her career and her beginnings. Indeed, the artist started alongside one of the biggest stars of the time: Claude François. In the 60s, she ensured her first parts. Only 17 years old, she followed him everywhere and learned a lot by his side. But everyone knows it, Claude François was a great perfectionist. He controlled everything.

One behavior that greatly disturbed Michele Torr : “He was a perfectionist, excessive … and it was all for his job. To do better. He went beyond the limits sometimes with the choristers or the musicians. And I liked to watch him all the time. I I learned a lot watching him rehearse, work on stage in the evening… It was never the same on stage. The texts were never the same.” Very hard with her, Michèle Torr remembers the criticisms that Claude François threw at her. “He reproached me. I rolled the “R’s” too much. And then, I had too many vibratos. You had to sing straight. It’s true that it was fashionable to sing straight, very high-pitched” she explained.

Michèle Torr pays tribute to Claude François

Despite this somewhat difficult behavior to manage, Michèle Torr and Claude François shared good times. They thus became friends. And it was the singer who gave her her first perfume: “He gave me my first perfume which I kept and to which I am faithful.” A nice way to pay tribute to him on a daily basis and to think a little about him every day. It is thanks to Claude François that Michèle Torr was able to see what the stage and the love of the public really was. A great way to start a career as an artist.