“He farted a cable”: Ghislaine Arabian looks back on her past as a battered woman

Guest on the show At Jordan’s this Sunday, March 20, 2022, the former juror of Top chef, Ghislaine Arabian returned to her past as a battered woman. The star chef had filed a complaint for domestic violence in 2015.

Viewers have probably not forgotten Ghislaine Arabian. Michelin-starred chef for her Parisian restaurant Pavillon Ledoyen, was part of the show’s jury Top chef broadcast on M6, from 2010 to 2014. Invited on the set of Jordan de Luxe, she looked back on her career but also on her private life. At 73, she confided in particular on the death of her mother. A drama precipitated by Alzheimer’s disease. “My mother had Alzheimer’s disease and for me, she died the day she said to me: “hello ma’am. There, I realized that my mother was gone”, explains Ghislaine Arabian.

Ghislaine Arabian understood that his mother’s state of health had become worrying when she adopted strange habits due to her illness. “One day, my daughter Margaux called me and said: ‘It’s weird, grandma keeps buying butter this morning’ remembered the chef.

“He freaked out”

But before this tragedy, Ghislaine Arabian lived what many other women experience: domestic violence. In April 2016, she confided in the show seven to eight of TF1 and revealed to have been the victim of domestic violence on the part of his last companion. “He slapped me hard. I fell, he grabbed me by the hair and he started kicking me in the left leg, on the thigh” she said.

This Sunday, March 20, the chef was received on the show At Jordan’s and came back on its reconstruction following this violence. “I needed two and a half months to recover physically. […] VSwas someone who had never raised a hand or a voice or anything. He freaked out. Was it because of his job? I don’t know, I don’t know” she explains, still not knowing the reasons that led her ex-companion to take action. Since her complaint in 2015 for domestic violence against her ex-companion, the investigation still seems to be in progress. According to the chef, new expertise has just been requested.

Source- https://www.voici.fr/news-people/il-a-pete-un-cable-ghislaine-arabian-revient-sur-son-passe-de-femme-battue-725507