“He had forgotten the compresses … in my nose”: seven new women testify against Benjamin Azoulay

A new controversy affects the world of French reality TV. The stars’ favorite surgeon, Benjamin Azoulay, is accused of questionable professional practices. After collecting the testimonies of six women against the doctor, our colleagues from the Parisian unveiled, this Friday, May 13, 2022, the story of seven new people.

A few weeks ago, a terrible event shook the world of French reality TV. But not only… After being victims of serious health problems following failed cosmetic surgery operations, Luna Skye and Emilie Amar had decided to speak publicly. In particular, in the columns of Parisian, at the beginning of May 2022, in order to warn millions of French people about the dubious methods practiced by Doctor Benjamin Azoulay. “The MRI showed that Doctor Azoulay had injected me with the product in the muscles“, had denounced the ex-girlfriend of Paga. Serious charges.

However, the favorite surgeon of reality TV stars cleared himself of all responsibilities. “I injected 350 patients and 3 were victims of infection. I do not absolve myself of my responsibility, but in the majority of cases, it goes well. When the product arrived in France, I created an injection protocol and today I train professionals in its use.”, he had explained to our colleagues from Release. And the 41-year-old man was ready to fight it out according to his comments broadcast in The Parisian. “I am not god. It’s part of the job. There is not a surgeon who has not experienced complications in his career. I will attack anyone who dares to damage my reputation”, he had declared, for his part.

terrible consequences

And on this Friday, May 13, 2022, a new twist has fueled the controversy. After having collected the testimony of six women, it is that of seven new victims published by journalists from the Parisian. Virginia, 34, also accuses Benjamin Azoulay of doing him go through hell following a failed rhinoplasty. The young woman has filed a complaint and is about to know the outcome of this case. After her operation, she quickly felt that “some things'[était] infected inside”. According to her, “a rotten smell” emerged from his nose. Worried, Virginia had chosen to return to see the doctor. “He prescribed me a box of anxiolytics because he said I was unnecessarily anxious,” she said. Septic, she had also decided to consult an ENT. “There he realized that Doctor Azoulay had forgotten the compresses… in my nose. I had them for five months, can you imagine?she concluded.

And like her, six other women deliver testimonials each more chilling than the other. “Over time, the scars opened up, they were bleeding profusely. The right implant even turned over”, exclaims Laure, one of them. For her part, Marine, 27, specifies: “The first operation, my nipple protruded from the bra, the second, my breast was lower than the other”. For the moment, Benjamin Azoulay is presumed innocent.

Source- https://www.voici.fr/news-people/il-avait-oublie-les-compresses-dans-mon-nez-sept-nouvelles-femmes-temoignent-contre-benjamin-azoulay-729297