“He has engaged in the retreat”: Valérie Pécresse knocks out Emmanuel Macron on the reforms

When it comes to Emmanuel Macron, Valérie Pécresse does not mince words. Live on BMFTV, this Monday, March 28, candidate LR once again attacked the program and the politics of the candidate for his own re-election.

Tested positive for Covid-19, Valérie Pécresse continues to lead her campaign head-on. In the absence of being able to go to television sets and meetings to defend her program, the candidate LR honors her appointments remotely. This Monday, March 28, it is on BFMTV that the president of the Regional Council of Île-de-France tried to convince viewers to vote for her. Asked about her opponents in the 2022 presidential election, and in particular Emmanuel Macron, she was scathing. As she accused the candidate for her own re-election of copying her program, she pointed out “that there is a falsetto” who the “separates from Emmanuel Macron”.

“Both on the design of France. My France is one and indivisiblethere is only one French culture and no cultures in France”, she continued. Valérie Pécresse recalled that she does not accuse France “of crimes against humanity in Algeria and I do not want to deconstruct the history of France”. Still according to her, her relationship with the French is not the same as that of Brigitte Macron’s companion since, unlike him, she does not want “fuck them”. “On the contrary, I want us to stop bothering them”.

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“Emmanuel Macron is changing, he is an illusionist”

As for their program, the one who accused him of having copied his project felt that when he plagiarizes” his reforms are “bad plagiarism”. “Look at the pension reform at age 65. As of yesterday, Emmanuel Macron started to retreat, since he said: ‘This reform will not be the priority of my five-year term'”. She also took the example of the RSA: “You saw that Emmanuel Macron tried to take my measure over 15 hours of work in return for the RSA. And then, finally, we realized that these 15 hours were not compulsory”.

As for France’s debt and deficits, she asserted that she “assume to tell the French the truth: it is that we will have to solve this debt problem and stop the headlong rush in spending”. Before questioning: “Did you see that this week Emmanuel Macron refused to send France’s budget trajectory to Brussels?” Thus, she concluded:That means he’s hiding accounts. It means that with Emmanuel Macron nobody knows who will pay the bill for his program. Before you say: “Emmanuel Macron hides, Emmanuel Macron transforms, he is an illusionist”.

Photo credits: BFMTV screenshot

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