“He has his money and is making decisions for him”: They reveal that Chyno Miranda was “kidnapped” by a cousin in Venezuela and his coach says his illness is incurable | People | Entertainment

So far, the statements that Nacho and Chyno Miranda’s ex-wife have offered about the singer’s health are opposed. And now, again, some controversial statements come to light that assure that the interpreter of “Niña Bonita” is “kidnapped” by a relative in Venezuela.

The mother of the Venezuelan artist, Alcira Pérez, in the past clarified what his true situation was after suffering peripheral neuropathy that kept him in serious condition and hospitalized in Miami. Hence, even the fans of who was the member of one of the most beloved duos of the show, wonder what is really going on.

Meanwhile, the speculations multiply because the former member of Chyno & Nacho is away from the networks, without offering any statement that dispels any doubt.

They assure that a cousin of Chyno Miranda keeps him “kidnapped”

Once again, it is the controversial hosts of the “Chismo no Like” program, Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain, who gave information about Chyno Miranda. The Argentine assured that he has strong evidence that the singer was tricked into being taken to Venezuela, and in his native country he was “kidnapped by his cousin.”

His relative’s name is Yurubia, and she is pointed out by the duo of presenters as the one responsible for taking him to Caracas, where he was admitted to a Venezuelan government clinic.

“It was not his mother, it was not his girlfriend, nor was that “plugged-in” Venezuelan, Julio Ducharne, the manager appointed by Natasha (Araos) to spy on the whole situation, the one who has Chyno Miranda kidnapped is his cousin Yurubia, she is the one who seized him He took him to Venezuela in December and the next day they admitted him to a Venezuelan government clinic,” said Cariani.

She stated that she “has the tutoring, she has her money and she is making decisions for Chyno Miranda”, referring to the fact that the singer is isolated.

With a photo that they put on the screen, they showed a young woman who would be the singer’s cousin, and according to Ceriani and Beristain, the woman who is taking care of her health.

He also added that they want to hold a concert to collect “silver” (funds) with the excuse of adding resources for the treatment of the artist, for which he said that these intentions are not true.

Chyno’s trainer says his illness is incurable

In the same program, they released the first part of the interview with Chyno Miranda’s personal trainer, named Juan Cortés, who accused the artist’s ex of not taking care of him as he should in his rehabilitation.

In her opinion, Natasha Araos’s statement about her ex-husband’s health in which she assured that “he is fine” is not entirely the case, since she spoke that her condition is still serious and is “something that she will suffer all her life ”.

The disease is already incurable, that is, he is not going to be cured of the neuropathy. But he could live with her as long as she was well treated, well treated and fed well, ”he said, specifying the care they should have in her delicate situation.

In the interview, he assured that the 37-year-old Chyno, in the past, could not hold a conversation for 10 minutes, because he always repeated the same words and did not even fasten his shoes, because he suffered from two large bedsores that spoke of the lack of care he had. .

“Help me, help me, help me”, it was simply because his brain did not connect to reproduce his thoughts, “he said, remembering that occasion when it was impossible for him to talk to him.

Although he is not a doctor, Cortés dared to mention that the excess of painkillers prescribed to reduce the consequences of the coronavirus could have caused encephalitis. “Why the encephalitis came about would have to be investigated,” he said.

The trainer accused Chyno’s ex-wife of not taking care of him enough, and of exposing him to public ridicule when they both sat down giving statements about their separation, in which he took all the blame for the breakup. “It was a script,” he said forcefully. (AND)

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