“He has no talent”: the acid criticism for which Jolette did not sing again because of The Academy

Jolette today is 38 years old and is dedicated to driving (Photo: Instagram @jolettenavarrete)
Jolette today is 38 years old and is dedicated to driving (Photo: Instagram @jolettenavarrete)

One of the former academics most remembered by the public is Jolette Navarretewho with his participation in the fourth generation of The academy managed to attract the attention of the public, not so much for his singing skills but for his somewhat arrogant attitude towards the critics of the reality shows

And they are remembered to this day the controversial discussions that during that season he starredthen confronting the iron judge courteous lolitawho on many occasions evaluated her vocal quality very negatively and even on one occasion asked the audience, looking at the camera, that They will no longer vote for the one born in Jalisco.

To the pass of the years Jolette is considered one of the women who most remained in memory of TV viewers, because to date memes continue to be shared that question the performance she showed when she was a student at the famous singing school of Aztec TV.

It was in 2005 when Jolette rose to fame on the reality show (Photo: Twitter @Aldo_Lobato)
It was in 2005 when Jolette rose to fame on the reality show (Photo: Twitter @Aldo_Lobato)

But not only was Jolette important to the project, but the musical competition also left the famous a difficult memory to forget in addition to certain insecurities that survive to the present day.

Although, upon admission to The academy Jolette intended to develop a musical career on stagethis objective was diluted as the programs passed, since his dream was frustrated by severe criticism of the judges, among whom Arturo Lopez Gavito He also made him see his luck on different occasions.

Although she managed to project herself as a very popular character on television, the constant scrutiny she was subjected to throughout her tenure on the show led her to wanting to radically change her intention to become a singer recognized.

Lolita Cortés asked the public to no longer vote for her (Photo: File)
Lolita Cortés asked the public to no longer vote for her (Photo: File)

About his resignation to the dream of being an interpreter, this is how Jolette expressed himself in the radio program the walker: “I never, never sang again, really. Suddenly if there is a party, mariachi, they tell me and if I’m excited, I get excited, but in general, I don’t like it”.

Jolette, despite her questionable vocal quality, managed to remain relevant over time and today, 17 years after her appearance on the emblematic program of Aztec TV He already has a career, but in another area.

Over the years, the woman from Jalisco today, 38 years old was able to stand out in the field of fashion and drivingmanaging to participate in style criticism programs such as take care of the camerabeside edy smol.

About her frustrated desire to become a professional singer, Jolette narrated how she made the decision to leave them. “They still judge me, if I am no longer in the contest, right now there are people who continue to give their opinion: ‘And he has talent, and he doesn’t have, and he isn’t’ since I don’t want to…”, he expressed in the program.

Jolette was part of the fourth generation of "The academy" (IG: jolettenavarrete)
Jolette was part of the fourth generation of “The Academy” (IG: jolettenavarrete)

And it is that in her time the presenter was the subject of harsh criticism of those who claimed that she had only managed to enter the competition because of her appearance, since she stood out then as the most beautiful of the generation of academics.

For their part, a few days ago the users of social networks did not hesitate to relive a video from 2019 where the famous went to a program and surprised to correctly interpret Red Sky.

went through TikTok where an Internet user shared a fragment of the former academic interpreting the famous Mexican regional song during a program hosted by Edy Smol.

Jolette's performances never got a good review (Photo: Screenshot)
Jolette’s performances never got a good review (Photo: Screenshot)

In the audiovisual you can see Jolette with a yellow blouse, while standing up he sings the verses of the melody and the other members of the program applaud him surprised by the advances he had in his vocal technique, since his departure from the program Aztec TV.

The clip which quickly reached over half a million views on TikTok got all kinds of reactions to it.

“I feel like they wanted to make fun of her, but now she did sing well.” “His voice is still shaking a lot.” “Sing beautifully, his perseverance, effort and dedication paid off.” “There is an example of perseverancethat no matter how many times they tell you no, keep trying until you achieve it”, were some mentions that appeared on this social network.


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