“He has the grace of a dead dog”

William Valdes He has already worked as a presenter on Univision, Televisa and now that he is on TV Azteca, he decided to resume his role as a singer, since it must be remembered that a decade ago he was part of the CD9 group.

So with the support of his colleagues from ‘Venga la alegría’, he presented for the first time on television ‘Beach in the city’, his new song. Accompanied by dancers and with cheers from his friends, the Cuban showed what he is capable of:

But it was very bad…

Although he has messages of support on his social networks, others criticized from the title of his song, his voice and his way of dancing.

The reporter Sebastián Reséndiz from the program ‘Hoy’ was blunt: “And this guy dared to criticize my @Joletteoficial?” A Twitter account also destroyed the driver: “William has the grace of a dead dog.”

William said that Jolette didn’t sing.

If Sebastián Reséndiz mentioned Jolette, it was because just a few weeks ago, William Valdés said that the graduate of La Academia did not sing and she complained: “He doesn’t know me. We met once and I was very kind to him. He completely ignores me. true story. And he attacks me whenever he can in the media. I have not done anything to him. HE SHOULD APOLOGIZE.”

But William said: “My dear Jolette. First of all, what are you talking about? What attacks? I have never attacked you, I simply say a reality. When you were at the Academy you DIDN’T SING and that’s not a lie.. I never attacked you with my comments, it’s an opinion. I don’t apologize.”

The former academic scolded: “No one is asking for your opinion. You have no right to take me as a reference, without knowing me, every time you can. First know my story there and then apologize, because the first time, it’s not.”

But William replied: “As I also know that you were invited to the Academy and you said no when you are a reference to the project. The comparisons were made by the public. I defended Rubi as I would have defended you. With all due respect, do not come to tell me about Who can say or not. You are a public figure. “

Jolette even called him a misogynist and mentioned that Laura G also criticized her, but William replied: “Ma’am, what you want is a screen and attention and now putting Laura G in. Sit down. You must be happy that the Academy is still talking about you. You marked generations, stay with that and if you don’t like people’s opinions, then don’t be in the middle … “.

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