he is hospitalized after a serious accident, his terrible injury

Vincent Lagaf gave news on his account instagram. Alas, they are not good, because he is not in top form since he was doing it from a hospital bed… The week had started well but it stopped dead for the host… This Tuesday March 22, 2022, Vincent Lagaf shares a publication on the Web explaining that he was the victim of an accident while practicing a mechanical sport.

Vincent Lagaf: news from the hospital!

At 62, Vincent Lagaf is still just as dynamic and he wouldn’t let go of his passions for anything in the world. So, as soon as he can have fun and enjoy life, he does! In addition to television, he has a passion for motorsports. Find out what happened to him AGAIN. Indeed, this is not a first…

An accident that could have turned into a tragedy

The followers found Vincent Lagaf, lying in a hospital bed and with a mask placed below his lips. Here is what he explains about the situation in his video: “Well hello everyone, people. Sunday evening, end of the day, nice trial ride [discipline sportive à moto, à vélo, voire à vélo monocycle, en automobile ou en camion, NDLR] and poum patapoum, crack. Broke the ass, I’ll let you know“, revealed Vincent Lagaf, while showing one of his bandaged legs.

Below his video, we can read his following message: Hello everyone people. How are you all doing ? Me, strangely, I feel broken… Are you surprised? Do not hesitate to answer, I will have time to read your comments. See you soon ! #TontonGaf #Hospital #BonDébutDeSemaine #VincentLagaf #FallaitPasTomber #ÇaVaÊtre Chiant #KiffTaLife. »

Vincent Lagaf keeps his morale of steel

Even if he has to suffer and his condition must not be comfortable, he keeps smiling in all circumstances! Indeed, Vincent Lagaf seems to take things philosophically and does not lose his optimism. The comments of support were not long in coming, like the actress Géraldine Lapalus who wished him a good recovery.

In any case, it’s not the first time he has had an accident, but he does it again each time. Like second nature, Vincent Lagaf loves motor sports and thrills. Thus, he has already found himself in the hospital many times. In 2007, following a jet ski accident. Then, two years later, in 2009, due to a quad accident. In 2014, he had a hoverboard accident at sea. Decidedly, it never stops! Now that he is immobilized for a while, he will have to rest and find another occupation than extreme experiences. Robin’s dad born in 1990 from his romantic relationship with Véronique will have time to communicate with his followers.

Vincent Lagaf in a new show at the start of the school year

Moreover, this favorite area will be the subject of his next comeback on our screens. Indeed, he revealed to our colleagues of Entertainment TVthat he will return to television on RMC Discovery : “ For some time now, I have got into the habit of watching RMC Découverte programs, especially those that talk about wide open spaces, history or motor sports like Top Gear. (…) I had also told the team: ‘If ever someone breaks his leg, I’m here!’ That pushed me to go and propose program concepts to Stéphane Sallé de Chou, the director of the channel who had some for me too. We worked together and we settled on a concept related to my passion for driving and motor sports. You will be able to discover his project in prime time on the screen from next September.

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