“He is hypersensitive, like me”: Olivia Ruiz confides in the (not easy) education of her son

Rhinestones, sequins and spotlights, Olivia Ruiz never really liked it: the singer, who writes and composes her songs, has never been one to show off her private life even after leaving the star Academyin 2001. A desire for discretion despite the success that has never left her, particularly after the birth of her son, Nino, whose father, Nicolas Preschey, is also in the world of music.

A little boy she rarely talks about but whom she tries to raise according to the values ​​that are close to her heart. “I want him to understand that some kids don’t have his chance, without breaking his heart by telling him things he’s too young to hear.“, she tells the magazine Female versionwho had asked her what mother she thought she was.

It’s a daily job so he doesn’t repeat what he hears in the playground. I try to explain to him but like me, he is hypersensitive and the balance is difficult to find“, explains the singer, aware that she could go through other means to reach more children like her son: “I’m even thinking about a show for toddlers in order to learn from kindergarten about gender equality, stereotypes… No, girls don’t play football worse than boys!

A complicated adolescence

A little boy who grows up far from the media coverage, but who therefore seems to have a strong character. And the singer expects the worst: her own adolescence was not easy! “From my 14 to my 19 years, I gave my parents terrible years, which I really do not wish on anyone. We’ll see what my son has in store for me…“, she concludes, realistically.

In any case, little Nino seems to inspire her: the new writer is teeming with projects! His first book, The dresser with colored drawers will be adapted in France to become a series. It should also be translated into Spanish, an important step for her given her strong ties to the country.

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