HE is supposed to be the new Bond

He already starred alongside Hollywood great Bad Pitt in “Bullet Train” – now Aaron Taylor-Johnson could become the new 007.

In the action comedy “Bullet Train” he even played Hollywood great Brad Pitt in the shadows – now he could even be the next James Bond actor. We’re talking about newcomer Aaron Taylor-Johnson (32).

According to media reports, he is considered the hottest new candidate for the 007 role after Daniel Craig (54) retired as a secret agent in 2021 after his fifth Bond film. Bond producer Barbara Broccoli is said to be so enthusiastic about the actor that she invited him to a secret casting. Aaron was rumored to have started filming rehearsal scenes as 007 back in December – and the results are said to have delighted producers, a source told The Sun: “Aaron made such an impression on the bosses that he made one of the famous teasers -Filmed scenes of the series, something all actors do. THIS step brings him one step closer to signing a contract.”

But nothing is fixed: After all, the rumor mill is also bubbling over other candidates such as Superman hottie Henry Cavill (39) and action legend Tom Hardy (45).