“He made me feel guilty”: Caroline (MAPR 6) looks back on Axel’s behavior outside of filming

This Monday, May 9, 2022, viewers were able to discover a new episode of Married at first sight. Caroline, participant, made new revelations about Axel’s behavior in an interview for Sam Zirah.

Love stories end badly, in general. And sometimes, even without love. In the sixth season of Married at first sightcurrently broadcast on M6, seven pairs embarked on an extraordinary experience: trust science and marry at first sight. Among the couples formed after the various compatibility tests, some said yes without hesitation. This is the case of Alicia and Bruno who are currently living a beautiful love story.

Others remained on the sidelines, like Caroline and Axel, for whom the adventure quickly came to an end. Despite their compatibility of 80% according to experts, the young woman did not seem fulfilled in this new relationship. Since the episodes aired, the two ex-weds constantly criticize each other through social networkswith some new revelations.

Caroline once again denounces Axel’s behavior

Victim of numerous criticisms from Internet users since the broadcast of the first episodes concerning her, Caroline spoke out several times on Instagram to point out a few things. Editing of the show, behavior of the experts, attitude of Axel off-camera, the young woman did not mince her words.

This Monday, May 9, Youtubeur Sam Zirah unveiled a new interview with the young woman. During this interview, she revealed that Axel would have done it “to blame” off cameras, seeing that she was not thrilled with their union. Axel passes a bit for the doggie who follows me everywhere when frankly, he was much harder than that”she confided.

She continued, annoyed: They (the production, editor’s note) really want to give the image of the benevolent guy to excess who gets pushed away by Caroline, the rough girl. He made me feel very guilty about my celibacy. (…) He is very often in a relationship so he did not understand my celibacy. I found it shocking to judge myself on that. He repeated to me over and over that I was blocking on the physical and I repeated to him over and over that it was not just that”. At the end of the interview, she also returned to the role of the show’s experts, in particular that of Pascal de Sutter, who, according to her, was not at all benevolent. Estelle Dossin, for her part, would not have been “listening” during the interview with Caroline.

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