He owes more than half a million pesos

The legal problems do not seem to end for the singer Christian Nodalwho just a couple of days after appearing again in Chihuahua with his Forajido Tour, was notified of a lawsuit for breach of contract filed by a local businessman before the Court of Justice of that state since 2018.

According to the lawyer Joel Orlando Aragon Garcia, defrauded businessman, the complaint was filed after the interpreter refused to perform two concerts for which he was hired in 2018, one at the Palenque de Santa Rita, in the city of Chihuahua, and the second at the Carta Blanca Stadium, in Juarez City.


Apart from covering the expenses derived from the sudden cancellation of said events, which ranges from almost two million pesos, the businessman demands the return of 600 thousand pesos that, according to his statements, they gave Nodal through his office, JG Music , as an advance for both concerts.

All this has been recorded in investigation folder 29013/18, Case 19-2018-0029013, presented to the Attorney General of the State of Chihuahua, Investigation Units, where there was a record of the payments made by the businessman to the office that the singer’s career, as well as some transportation providers that would facilitate the armored vans and drivers requested by the young star of the Mexican regional to move him and his team.


According to Aragón García’s lawyer, neither the singer nor his manager, Artemio Berdeja, have wanted to show their faces or clearly explain why they canceled these presentations; They assure that they only let the organizer know that it was presumably due to the low ticket sales that were reported days before said performances, and that they would not return the indicated advance, since it would be considered as a penalty for the expenses that they would have made.

Now Belinda’s ex-boyfriend must respond to these accusations, and could be forced to appear before the corresponding judge to give a statement. However, the lawyer assures, so far, neither he nor his team have issued any statement in this regard. And he explains that they are going to notify them until now, because they were struggling with the addresses they had of him in Hermosillo, so the intention is to take advantage of his presence in the state so that the Public Ministry of Chihuahua notifies him about the complaint filed. against him. “We want to know the version of Christian Nodal, the reason for the cancellation, and from there start against whoever is responsible,” he said.