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Yina Calderón always looks for a way to be in a controversy, on several occasions the instagramer has gotten into trouble for talking about other celebrities such as Andrea Valdiri, Epa Colombia, La Jesuu, and even even her own sisters. However, the DJ recently crossed the line by bad-mouthing even her own mother.

In a round of questions and answers through the format of stories on Instagram, Calderón not only answered questions about his personal life, but also about his mother. A follower asked him: “Isn’t it true that your mom uses drugs?” and she said: “Well, babies, the truth is yes and no, it’s not that I do it constantly, but my mom likes ‘tusi”.

This ignited the networks, because users could not believe that not even the woman who brought her into the world is saved from being judged by her. On her part, Mrs. Merly Osme, who on several occasions has come out to defend her daughter when she gets into trouble, this time was enraged by her words and assures that it is a lie.

Yina Calderón’s mother defends herself

About to taste a paisa tray, Merly Ome confronted her about her statements about her and drug use. “I am very offended with Yina because she has made a comment, saying that I like ‘tusi’. And the people asking me this, Yina, I don’t even know the ‘tusi’, what is that?”, he expressed while his daughter burst out laughing.

With an angry tone, Ome continued to tell Yina: “You don’t play with that, it doesn’t make me laugh. People confuse things. You know I don’t even smoke a cigarette.”

Along the same lines, Yina Calderón’s sister, Juliana, also came out to defend her mother and assured that her sister lied.

“Did you really believe Yina that my mom puts that in? I mean, did you really believe him? Let’s see! My mom is a lady, she is not going to put herself in those games, much less ”, responded to a follower who touched on the topic.

From social networks, dozens of Internet users were outraged at Yina Calderón for disrespecting her mother. However, others think that she deserves it for never putting limits on her daughter and always coming out in her defense when she is not right.

The reason why Yina Calderón’s mother declared herself an enemy of Aida Victoria

A few weeks ago, the influencer Aida Victoria Merlano appeared as the protagonist of the official video of the most recent song by Jhonny Rivera, titled How shall I explain. But no one expected that Merly Ome, mother of Yina Calderón, would cause such a stir for this fact.

In the video clip of the song, Aida Victoria personifies the singer’s lover, receiving the applause of the fans. However, the lady did not like this at all. So much so that she came to ensure that if he met her they could go into her hands.

Through some Instagram stories, Aida Victoria showed that she was at Yina Calderón’s house, although the details of this meeting were not revealed. The truth is that the parent of the content creator realized this and sent her a voice note on WhatsApp.

The account @faranduleandoando15 obtained the video where the influencer is seen in a vehicle with Yina. Both play the audio where Merly Ome states that she is Aida’s “enemy”. She even added that she did not want to be in her apartment with the young woman. “We crashed”He said it would happen if they saw each other.

“She knows that Don Jhonny is mine,” reiterated Yina Calderón’s mother.