“He sometimes says good things about it”: this subject that brings Nicolas Sarkozy and Éric Zemmour closer

In their latest edition, published this Wednesday, March 23, 2022, our colleagues from The Obs were interested in the relationship between Nicolas Sarkozy and Éric Zemmour. The opportunity for the latter to reconsider this opinion which is shared by the two politicians.

Éric Zemmour does not only have allies in the political sphere. As a political personality often controversial for his shocking remarks, Sarah Knafo’s companion does not only have friends. However, even if he is not appreciated by many political figures, it nevertheless has some points in common with some of them. Starting with Nicolas Sarkozy.

As the journalists of The Obsthis Wednesday, March 23, 2022, the candidate of the Reconquête party and Nicolas Sarkozy share the same opinion on a particular subject: the number of low-cost housing in France. “What strikes me is that he sometimes speaks well of Zemmour from the angle: ‘He’s right, it’s true that there are too many HLMs in France’”, remembered a close friend of the former President of the Republic to the media. However, despite their agreement on this same subject of society, this does not prevent them from exchanging names of birds in the press…

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Eric Zemmour, “a rat” in the eyes of Nicolas Sarkozy

In the columns of the magazine Challenges, on February 17, our colleagues had reported that Nicolas Sarkozy would have, in the private sector, would have rather harsh words about Éric Zemmour. After recalling that the former President of the Republic would have advised relatives of the Reconquest leader to “do not hesitate to counter it”, the source would also have shared a very crude remark that the former head of state would have made about the former polemicist: “He has a rat’s head that matches his beliefs.

To this, last November, it was during an official visit that Nicolas Sarkozy had crushed Eric Zemmour. Passing through the Chinese Business club, the husband of Carla Bruni then let it be known: “Not all words are equal, not everyone is capable of being a statesman… The right to speak does not exist. It is deserved. Want to go on stage? Ok, that’s 40 years of scars.“And then ironically, on the candidacy of the far-right candidate:”Compare Zemmour to de Gaulle. It’s strong, it’s strong… (…) I am not sure that General de Gaulle would necessarily have appreciated what he said of Pétain.

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