“He spends more than 2 thousand dollars and is partying with his partner Riqui Puig”: This is how Gerard Piqué’s single nights are in full separation with Shakira | People | Entertainment

In the last days, Gerard Piqué is being the center of attention of all media and the press Spanish, and not precisely because of his defensive performances with the Barcelona Soccer Club nor with the selection of Spain, but rather for some parties after his recent separation with Shakira.

The new news that is giving what to talk about in the world of entertainment are the crazy parties that the soccer player Spaniard does in his night life, while he squanders the money in these meetings.

The money Gerard Piqué spends on parties

According to the Milenio web portal, in the TV show “Socialite” of Telecinco in Spain, the paparazzi Jordi Martin confirmed to this medium some details about what would be the recent nightlife of the former player of the Man Utdensuring that Piqué not only has private meetings with other womenbut also “spends indecent amounts” of money.

Gerard Piqué’s defense: The player does not forgive Shakira for breaking the separation agreements and for third parties to air about the couple’s conflict

“I have been behind him for 12 years, and Gerard Piqué’s parties are well known in Barcelona. But what they do emphasize to me is that lately he is totally out of date. He is partying a lot with his partner Riqui Puig, “Martín told the Spanish media.

According to the paparazzi, the soccer player “is spending indecent amounts of money at the Bling Bling nightclub and at the Patron restaurant, and from what they tell me, until the wee hours of the morning… It varies from day to day, but from what they tell me, at least , spends from 2,000 euros (equivalent to almost 2,100 dollars) upwards per day. But of course, those amounts for Gerard Piqué are ridiculous ”he concludes.

Piqué’s neighbors and their statements

According to some testimonies from some of Gerard Piqué’s neighbors, they say that a few weeks ago he returned to his single apartment on Muntaner street in the Barcelona, This is how the Voz Populi web portal reviewed it.

This is Marc Piqué, Gerard Piqué’s younger brother who was always in his shadow

Apparently, at the end of March, when many assure that the rupture with the singer Colombian Shakira, the soccer player organized a big party at his house, “a party to celebrate his singleness”, they point out from “Socialité”.

These neighbors affirmed that it was a massive party in which there were “many people and a lot of noise”. Some annoying noises “until two-thirty in the morning”. “There were boys and girls, all very cute and very tall,” they assured.

Piqué is known to have a history of partying, and in fact, in his most active season with Barcelona, ​​he went out a lot to bars and discotheques sometimes missing some team training. (AND)

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