“He suffered from it”: the grandson of Louis de Funès badly accepted by his grandfather’s second wife, he confides

Laurent de Funès remembered his late grandfather in Télématin on France 2, this Thursday, January 26, on the occasion of the anniversary of the death of Louis de Funès. He recounts in particular the stormy relationship with the second wife of the star.

Is it a surprise? Like his grandfather, Laurent de Funes works as an actor. guest in Telematin this Thursday, January 26 at the dawn of the 40th anniversary of the death of Louis de Funes, he agreed to reconsider his relationship with the movie star. His grandfather, he saw him little because of his obligations as an actor, but as soon as he shot a film, the star invited him with his father to discover the underside of cinema.

But when Louis de Funes leaves the Île-de-France goes to the Château de Clermont, in Loire-Atlantique, the ties are loosened. Louis de Funes remarried in 1943 to Joan of Funeswith whom the star will start a family. “We were two different families, remember Laurent de Funes on France 2. My grandfather’s second family was reluctant to let us come. We saw him discreetly. It was very separate, much to his dismay – he suffered from it.”

The weight of Louis de Funès on his grandson

And not easy to be the “grandson of”. Indeed, the weight of the mastodon of the 7th French art weighs tirelessly on him. “When you’re an actor in France, it’s complicated, admitted Laurent de Funès. Having a name like that is hard. In the business world, it’s not a problem. But not showbusiness.” The actor explains that there is also the desire of some of “to play things that would look like this”. Or not to cast him, because of the weight of the shadow of grandfather De Funès which weighs on such a recruit in the casting.

Louis de Funes was married twice: to Germaine Louise Elodie Carroyerfrom 1936 to 1942. Together, they will have a son, Daniel, who is none other than the father of Laurent de Funes– he died in 2017. The eldest will not have siblings, until the star of The big mopremarried with Jeanne-Augustine Barthélémy de Maupassantdescendant of Guy de Maupassant. Together, they will have two children: Olivier and patrick.

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