he swings on the level of the president…

Before entering ENA, Emmanuel Macron studied at Sciences Po Paris. Twenty years later, one of his former teachers, who has become a TV presenter, sways on television to the notes of the one who has become President of the French Republic.

Which student was Emmanuel Macron? To find out, you have to ask your teachers. Guest of Buzz-TV of TVMag of Figaro Monday, January 16, 2023, Ali Baddou agreed to talk about the President of the Republic, currently in the throes of a massive and national strike movement by the French against his decried pension reform. Indeed, before becoming a TV host, Ali Baddou was a professor at the Institute of Political Sciences in Paris. At the time, he was just beginning to teach. He agreed to tell which student was Emmanuel Macron – only 3 years separate them. “He was a very good student.said Ali Baddou. I gave him a 16/20 on an essay,” he revealed. “He wondered if he was going to prepare for the philosophy aggregation or the ENA.”

Ali Baddou was also a teacher for a young member of the government

And if the two men have crossed paths since the election of Emmanuel Macron as head of the country, they have not forged ties from the time of Science Po. “It’s an incredible coincidence, but a happy coincidence, in any case”, he concluded. Another anecdote: Emmanuel Macron is not the only future political star to have gone through the class of the animator. Ali Baddou also taught Gabriel Attal – currently Minister Delegate to the Minister of Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty, in charge of Public Accounts – several years later. The 48-year-old host also worked with Jack Lang, whose speeches he wrote. But not enough to awaken a new vocation in him. “I was less attracted by political politics itself than by the political project”he pointed out.

Emmanuel Macron, a “more adult” student

The rest, we know it: Emmanuel Macron (45 years old) will choose the ENA. The beginning of his political career. With his wife Brigitte Macron (69), he initially wants to keep his private life away from prying eyes. Impossible, however, not to be interested in the crazy love story that unites the Head of State and the First Lady. In high school, Emmanuel Macron had Brigitte Auziere as a theater teacher. The start of their romance.

A former student tells of their complicity in the documentary Brigitte Macron, a French novel broadcast on France 3. “It didn’t surprise me for a second, remembered Armella. Emmanuel already had a posture different from ours, more adult. And Brigitte Auzière was a French teacher, who was also extremely appreciated. She was a very good French teacher. And there, I think we are dealing with two minds and two lovers of letters who have met.“An alchemy and a lasting story. On October 20, 2022, the presidential couple celebrated their fifteenth wedding anniversary.

Source- https://www.journaldesfemmes.fr/people/actus/2881901-emmanuel-macron-eleve-lycee-ali-baddou/