“He threw me away cold as ice!” – Tear Zoff at Bauer Félix

Updated on 05/09/2022 at 10:35 p.m

  • Separation drama “Bauer sucht Frau International” (RTL) in Peru!
  • When the coffee farmer Félix wants to send Monika home, the situation escalates.
  • In Canada, a careless lady-in-waiting learned: “A farm is not a pony farm!”

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A coffee farmer felt a little sorry for Félix: When he wanted to send Monika home in the current episode of “Bauer sucht Frau International” (RTL), there was a thunderstorm in the Peruvian jungle: the Czech-born scolded like a sparrow , in order to change the half-Peruvian’s mind.

Maybe not the best tactic. So her plan didn’t work either. When the 48-year-old realized that, it only got worse: “Just leave me alone! You didn’t give me a chance! That’s unfair! He threw me away cold!” She sobbed. Long-term single Félix hardly knew what was happening to him.

Special praise for “fat” Félix

Farmer is looking for a woman, international, Inka Bause, RTL, dome show, Felix, Peru, Justin
Monika can’t believe that Félix dumped her.


Things went even better with Simone afterwards. She beamed like a honey cake horse when she found out that her competitor had to leave the plantation: “I’m just really happy right now!” No wonder, because Monika had also fought for Félix with unfair means: while he was trying to get the running water in Peru going again, Monika tipped a bucket of water towards Simone: “Thank you very much, Monika!” Cursed the. “How stupid can you be?” Monika just grinned: “I didn’t intend to use the water! How can I do that? I’m a good girl!”

But Simone laughed last: Not only that she could enjoy togetherness with Félix at night (“We got a little closer. It didn’t come to the extreme!”). There was also a decent breakfast the next morning – finally. Félix deserved praise: “You did a great job, my fat boy!”

Mild finish

Alexander, who was looking for love with Rolinka in France, also had to return home. However, the 51-year-old chose a somewhat less dramatic exit than Monika. Since he didn’t feel that the winemaker was paying enough attention, he confronted her in a friendly but firm manner. Then Rolinka had to admit: “I’m afraid we don’t fit together very well!” RTL also revealed: “I can’t imagine falling in love with Alexander.” With Alexander’s departure, the way was clear for Swiss-by-choice Frank. And with his “beautiful bright blue eyes” he scored well with the native Dutchwoman.

Austrian Christine, on the other hand, scored negative points in South Africa. It wasn’t just the heat that made it difficult. She couldn’t do anything with the wine tasting that asparagus farmer Rüdiger had organized especially for his ladies-in-waiting – and kept spitting out the good wines. Horror at “Rudi”: “If my new partner comes to South Africa, then she should have a soft spot for wine!” He revealed to the audience.

A preference for beer would also not be bad, after all Rüdiger comes from Bavaria. That’s why he organized a Bavarian evening for his visitors. Both cut a good figure in dirndls. But which one was better received by Rüdiger’s friends? A friend decided: Martina! “It just fits better!”

“Lama-Drama-Day” and the very big love

Farmer is looking for a woman, international, Inka Bause, RTL, dome show, Felix, Peru, Justin
Canadian by choice, Hans loves his animals more than anything.


And who goes better with emigrant Hans in Canada? Danielle shares his passion for horses. But: “Nina has an impressive appearance!” Admitted the 63-year-old. Unfortunately, the attractive Berliner doesn’t know much about animals. Since she accidentally left the gate open to graze, two llamas followed the call of freedom: time for “Llama Drama Day”, as Nina aptly put it. Another piece of wisdom from the Polish native: “A farm is not a pony farm!” With combined forces, however, the escapees were caught again. Nina really worked hard: “I felt like a cowgirl, only the lasso was missing!”

She really deserved some relaxation. Alone with Hans we went into the whirlpool. However, the farmer held back nobly: “My hot dating times are over for a while! It’s not about adventure or a quick night!”

No, it’s about great love! Just like with Justin and Steffi in Alsace. The 30-year-old Frenchman didn’t want to let his dream woman travel back to Austria without a very special gift: a necklace with a heart pendant. “I want to give a heart because I’m in love with her!” he revealed. “I can’t believe my luck. It’s just beautiful!” Of course, Steffi was enthusiastic about Justin’s gift. She extended her stay in Alsace.
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