“He was a close friend of mom”: this famous TV host who hosted Julie Andrieu and her mother for a long time

Tuesday, May 17, 2022, Julie Andrieu was invited to the microphone of Sud Radio. During this interview, the presenter made some confidences about her childhood and revealed that she had long stayed with a television star.

A fun anecdote! Food critic and presenter of Julie’s notebooks on France 3, Julie Andrieu is passionate about cooking. Invited to the microphone of Sud Radio, the young woman spoke of her relationship with Jean-Pierre Coffe. “We really liked each other, he was really a kind of mentor and godfather for me. He’s someone we haven’t replaced, I don’t think, in his outspokenness, in his commitment to eating well, too.“, she confided. While she lived for a few months with the famous cook, Julie Andrieu added: “Jean-Pierre was a close friend of Mom, at the time of La Ciboulette (in the 70s, editor’s note), which was her restaurant, he did not do TV or radio at that time. And he already had a love of good food.

In all transparency, the young woman revealed: “My parents separated before I was born, mum was between two houses, and he took us in for a year! But anyway, I was not even a year old. So I’m not sure it really conditioned my taste! Whatever, you never know…“On March 29, 2016, Julie Andrieu had naturally been upset by the death of Jean-Pierre Coffe, aged 78. On Facebook, it was to pay tribute to him that she had written: “Jean Pierre Coffee has left the table. The place is empty. He, of course, introduced us to the importance of eating well, to the need for vigilance, but he was above all a master of living well. Fantasy, audacity and friendliness were his three most faithful mistresses. When people ask me where I got this love of the table, I can’t help but think that the vegetable purees from Jean-Pierre’s vegetable garden have something to do with it.

Julie Andrieu: “Mom partied a lot with him”

Upset, the famous presenter had shared: “To pain, to loneliness, to the dullness of the mind, he has always responded with outbursts, outbursts of life and a terribly spiritual impertinence. Mom laughed a lot and partied with him, their stories of crazy nights with Poiret and Serrault rocked mine.“To conclude this message, she had added with emotion:”Jean-Pierre has left the stage, the feast is naked, he is sad. The most tender of hosts is gone, a life of Coffee is coming to an end. This evening, we will eat a piece of pâté and drink a shot to your health, my Jean-Pierre. In your panache…


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