“He was alone at the table and he was crying”: Olivier Marchal looks back on his first meeting with Cyril Hanouna!

Just like Dave, Olivier Marchal was recently the guest of Jordan Deluxe in Chez Jordan. It was for the actor the opportunity to return to the origins of his friendship with Cyril Hanouna. Revelations that had warmed the heart so much they testify to the sincerity of the affection they feel for each other. The actor as well to declare that their first meeting dates back to ten years. They had both frequented the same restaurant and that’s where it all started. They are particularly close today and this day told by the actor is the main cause.

Olivier Marchal touched by Cyril Hanouna who was crying hot tears

Cyril Hanouna would have, according to the revelations of Olivier Marchal, been seated at a table with a mine that was not a good sight. The star host of C8 indeed had tears in his eyes. Having had an appointment at the same place with a lawyer who took care of his production box, the actor could not help but approach in order to start a conversation. He had then reassured him by telling him gently that they did not know each other but that he was there in case of need.

Proud as he is, Cyril Hanouna then replied that everything was fine. Which was obviously not the case since we saw him crying hot tears. The star host of C8 had in any case never forgotten this meeting which in some ways changed his life since it was from there that their friendship was born.

Source- https://www.nextplz.fr/people/252209-il-etait-tout-seul-a-table-et-il-pleurait-olivier-marchal-revient-sur-sa-premiere-rencontre-avec-cyril-hanouna