He was disfigured: After years retired and extra kilos, gallant betrays TV Azteca and reappears on Televisa

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Mexico City.- A famous actor and host reappears in Televisa after it was rumored that he had been vetoed to remember one of his most remembered projects, leaving everyone in shock for his physical change.

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This is Raúl Magaña, known for his roles in TV soaps but also for having hosted the controversial program Is it fair. The driver reappeared on Televisa and left his mouth open for how he currently looks.

did it appear in the today program? No, for although he had come as a guest, now he reappeared in the Channel TlNovelas where he lived with fans of the most beautiful ugly through a live broadcast, where he brought the villain to life Ariel Villarroel‘.

Magaña has been away from television for several years, since his last project was For loving without law in 2018 and since then it was said that he had been vetoed for being in the morning come the joy from Aztec TV.

However, apparently this turned out to be just a rumor because now he gave “signs of life” in the broadcast on the Televisa channel to share his experience in the Mexican version of the unforgettable Colombian soap opera Ugly Betty.

As will be remembered, Magaña worked on Televisa for more than 30 years and achieved fame participating in melodramas such as Chains of bitterness, Friends X Forever, Long live the Children, Accomplices to the rescue, Girl, my love, Wedding Veil, The most beautiful ugly and Three times Anne.

In addition to being the main driver in programs such as Is it fair (2007-2012), Raúl also participated in the show Only for women next to Jorge Salinas, Sergio Mayer, Alexis Ayalaamong other celebrities with impressive physiques.

However, after walking away from the recording forums, the actor looks totally unrecognizable. With long hair and several extra kilosusers assure that it was “disfigured“Well, his current image is very different from the one he presumed in those years.

In the broadcast, Magaña recalled how much fun he had with Jose josewho gave life to the father of Angelica Vale in the plot, and confessed that he could hardly live with the actress, but with Jaime Camilwho revealed is someone very funny and nice.

It is unknown if the histrion will return to melodramas or to driving, since he has been caught giving classes and conferences, however, users asked in the comments that he return since they miss him on the small screen.

Source: TlNovelas YouTube channel and Instagram @tlnovelas_tv and @raulmaganamx