He was indigent: After resigning from TV Azteca and “disfiguring himself”, Televisa’s villain appears in “Hoy”

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Mexico City.- A famous soap opera villainwho spent a few years in Aztec TV and returned to Televisawhere he ended up unrecognizable being ‘indigent‘, returns to the melodramas and appears in the today program.

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Is about Roberto Blandon, the first actor to start his career on Televisa more than 40 years ago. He debuted in the melodrama Love in silence and participated in others such as My second mother, María la del Barrio and under the same face as antagonist.

In 1997 it changed to adjustwhere he joined productions such as The Chacala, The Candidate and like in the movieshowever, in 2003 he returned to the San Angel TV on Marian of the night.

The first actor, who has given life to most of villains During his prolific career in telenovelas, he made an impact with his radical transformation for a character in 2017.

The father of the actress and comedian Regina Blandon turned into a indigent and finished ‘disfigured‘ after the incredible characterization he underwent for the role of the villain ‘Severo Trujillo’ on my lovely curse.

After participating in overcome the past last year, this 2022 is back in the Televisa melodramas with The Heritagewhere it will give life to ‘Chavita‘. This Friday, they broadcast the presentation to the press of the project produced by John Osorio and Roy Rojas.

The story is starring Michelle Renaud, Matías Novoa, Daniel Elbittar, Emmanuel Palomares, Juan Pablo Gil and Mauricio Henaowho give life to the brothers From the Mountadopted by the character of Leonard Daniel‘Severian’.

“I love working with so much testosterone, so much man. I love being the spoiled one,” said Michelle, while Matías Novoa commented: “My character is very protective, he tries to protect his brothers. The father dies and the family is disordered” .

Elbittar said that for him this is the most important character in his career and this is the return to the melodramas of Elizabeth Alvarezwho will be villain, and Diego de Ericewho had dedicated himself to driving.

They are also part of the cast. Tiaré Scanda, Rafael Inclán, Julián Gil, Juan Carlos Barreto, Gloria Aura, Paulina Matos, Anna Ciocchetti and Sergio Basanez.

This Monday, March 28, La Herencia, a legacy of love premieres at 8:30 p.m. on Las Estrellas.

Source: YouTube channel of Programa Hoy and Instagram @laherencia_tv and @tlnovelas_tv