“He was not there”: The son of Benjamin Castaldi upsets, evoking his relationship with his father…

Benjamin Castaldi had his suspenders pulled up by his two sons, Simon and Julien. Indeed, the two young men gave an interview to Jordan de Luxe, published this Tuesday, June 14, 2022, in Tele-entertainment. In which Julien Castaldi, 25, who is about to become a dad for the first time, revealed that he took it very badly that Gilles Verdez was broadcasting information live in Do not touch My TV. And for good reason ! Part of the family of his companion, was not aware of the happy news… But these are not the only revelations of his sons, facing Jordan de luxe. A few weeks away from becoming a parent, Simon’s brother opened up about his own relationship with his dad. The former host of Secret Storyfather of four boys, born from three different marriages, has not always been present.

“When you see your father sad, crying in your arms, and telling you…”

My father was a good example of what not to do too much“, he explained, specifying all the same to have forgiven him his mistakes. ” I love it with all my heart “, he added. Even if his childhood was not always rosy. ” When you see your father sad, crying in your arms telling you, I shouldn’t have done this, I shouldn’t have done that…“, he confided in front of Luxury Jordans. Before continuing: “I missed my dad when I was 14 to 18 (…) I was the big one, I was starting to have teenage problems. I couldn’t talk to my dad too much. I was grossly overweight and my father was more mocking than comforting (…) When you’re 15, no matter how much you act like a guy, you also want to have closer moments with your dad. He was’nt here “.

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A family past that has pushed Julien Castaldi to have well-established certainties about her future lover. “My dream is to have the same wife all my life, and to have a job that gives me security”, he explained. In 2019, on Forgiveness Day, celebrated in Do not touch My TVBenjamin Castaldi had burst into tears asking forgiveness from his children. “Julien, when I left, he was three years old but Simon, he was nine months old. It’s early (…) I’m catching up on a lot of things now with him because he’s at home, because we go to sports together, to the spa. And that’s great. I’m actually very happy. I don’t look like that but I’m very happy (…) Pardon Julien. Forgiveness to Simon. I love you, that’s all”he confessed, in tears.

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