“He was unfaithful to him with more than 50 women”: the most lapidary sentence on Piqué’s deceit and betrayal in his 12-year relationship with Shakira | People | Entertainment

Gerard Piqué is once again the object of public ridicule, when the Spanish paparazzi Jordi Martin, who follows his story of heartbreak with Shakira, maintains that he can affirm that he was unfaithful to the Colombian with some 50 women, a lapidary confession that leaves him very bad again stopped.

The unexpected news of the breakup of celebrities left more than one incredulous in the face of such a situation, for being considered one of the most established couples in the world of entertainment. However, knowing that everything came to an end due to the deceptions of the former FC Barcelona member made him the recipient of the negative comments that point to him as the “infidel”.

Alone, Piqué gives in to Shakira: they assure that the soccer player burst into tears in the marathon discussion of the signing of the agreement and the singer consoled him

They reveal that Pique would have cheated on Shakira with “50 women”

The paparazzi who has declared himself an enemy of Gerard Piqué, returns to the attack. Jordi Martín revealed in a video that Shakira’s ex was not only unfaithful to him with Clara Chía, but with dozens of other women, published by Prensa Libre.

According to the statements of the Spanish journalist, the adventures of the former number 3 of the culé team were part of the relationship he had with the Colombian superstar, so the breakup and the presentation of his new girlfriend was only the end result of years of betrayals. .

Although there were never rumors of Piqué’s infidelities, he went out to nightclubs and bars that he used to visit with his friends from the club and other colleagues, as well as the women who were part of his hours of fun.

According to Martin, the former player would have been unfaithful to the Colombian with “more than fifty” women. Under this lapidary affirmation, the communication professional leaves for granted the constant deception to which Shakira was exposed.

He recounted the adventures he had, saying that Piqué not only failed him with Clara Chía, but with an endless number of women.

In this way, he listed the opportunities in which he was unfaithful to the artist. The year 2012, in the Rafaelli bar; in 2016, with her ex-partner Núria Tomás, a couple of years ago, with a girl in the toilets of a nightclub in Barcelona; last year on a trip to Monte Carlo from June 30 to July 6.

“I can tell you that there may be more than fifty,” he said, mentioning the countless times he was unfaithful to the singer, while they were still husband and wife.

He pointed out that now Shakira is finding out everything, after the outcome of the coexistence that left two children, Milan and Sasha.

Shakira was with Antonio de la Rúa and Piqué with Núria Tomás, he mentioned when recalling that the singer was hopelessly in love with the footballer and that is how the romance between the famous couple began.

With what he likes children, with Clara Chía he will have more children, Marti considered in the new relationship, assuring that “Piqué is a disastrous person.”

He pointed out that he has witnessed how the singer has had a bad time, very depressed by the difficult situation that is happening.

“I have seen Shakira very badly, depressed, that a team of psychologists had to come from Colombia. The Shakira of now is not the one of three months ago, now she is happy, ”Martin explained in the video. (AND)

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