”He wasn’t the best father”

In an interview with Tom Walek, the Formula 1 expert talks about his famous father

For an interview with Tom Walek on Ö3, Mathias Lauda hiked along the racetrack in Spielberg, where the Formula 1 cars are on the gas at the weekend. The son of racing legend Niki Lauda († 70) talks about very private childhood memories on “Walek Wanders”: “I was extremely shy as a child. And I hated it when people said: ‘Look, that’s Niki Lauda’s son.’ It’s not easy growing up as the son of someone who is so famous in the country and has such a strong name – and is also such a strong personality. That was very uncomfortable for me as a child.” Tom Walek and Mathias Lauda start their hike around the Red Bull Ring in the so-called “Niki Lauda curve”. The two also use this as an opportunity to talk extensively about the Formula 1 legend along the 4.318-kilometer race track.

Being on time, not complaining, making mistakes and learning from them: Mathias Lauda learned a lot from his father. At the same time, he knows exactly what he wants to do differently – for example in his role as a father of two: “My father was always my greatest role model, as a child I always wanted to be like him. But he wasn’t always the best dad because you can’t be as successful at your job as my dad and always be at home. My father was someone for whom work was always number 1.” Mathias Lauda, ​​on the other hand, attaches great importance to spending a lot of time with his children: “When I’m not working, I’m at home with my children every day. I really enjoy that.”

For 20 years, the now 41-year-old was a professional racing driver himself. And that, although his own racing career was not planned at all. Father Niki Lauda has forbidden his sons from racing: “I’ll never be a skating father”, instead his credo was: “If someone wants to do something, he has to go his own way.” And Mathias has his own way to racing tried to find as a child: “My brother and I then bought old go-karts with our own pocket money – our neighbor was a mechanic – we then put them together. Then we drove it once and then my father came home at the weekend and sold it immediately and pocketed the money himself.” Motorsport still plays a big role. On the racetracks of the world, however, Mathias Lauda is no longer in the car, but on the road as a Formula 1 TV expert. The whole interview will be available on July 10th on Ö3 (9 a.m. to 11 a.m.).