He will not record more covers: ex-vocalist of Vázquez Sounds prepares his first solo album

Angie Vázquez will not record covers again. 10 years after being the voice of a network phenomenon when her father published a video in which she appeared with her brothers Gustavo and Abelardo performing Rolling in the deepby Adele, the singer launches as a soloist.

“It is a moment that I have been waiting for more than a year, since I started to compose these songs, I am very happy that you can already listen to this material called Memory and can’t wait for you guys to hear what’s next,” she says of her first single.

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Although the three brothers known as Vázquez Sounds had a successful career of almost a decade, Angie admits that she is not worried about starting from scratch, “I psyched myself up when doing my solo project and over the years, that what happened with Vázquez Sounds it is one in a million, it was a viral song, with that they knew us, but I know that this is not really how it works and I have to work to make it work for me”.

Willing to continue composing and preparing, the artist born into a family of musicians from Mexicali adds: “I know I have to prove it, it’s like a challenge, but it’s what I like to do and what I plan to dedicate myself to, if they are a hundred or thousands or millions of people who resonate with my music, that’s what matters most.”

In 2019, by mutual agreement, the Vázquez Sounds separated, but they continue to collaborate on their projects, says Angie. “My first song, If you go, I composed it just when we decided to separate as a group, when I began to see that I needed my songs as a soloist, and soon you will listen to it. And from there I began to compose until I had the album that is almost ready, there are 12 songs written by me, with some collaborations with composers like Leonel García, Tommy Torres and my dad who is my greatest teacher.

While Gus develops as a singer-songwriter, Abe is about to release his project, and he produced this first Angie record.

“The separation was a decision that we made between the three of us, we believed that it was the best for each one because we already had different musical tastes and concerns about doing our solo projects, I love my brothers very much, they are like my best friends and they are super involved. in my project, this father, is a new phase of our careers”, says the singer-songwriter.

Regarding her stage with the group, she assures that it is a memory “of a super beautiful stage of my life, I am very grateful, because it was a school for me, until I reached this moment in my career as a soloist. Váquez Sounds taught me how the industry works, what concerts are like, releasing a song, my preparation was really a stage that I love to remember”.

Angie, who defines her musical style “as something more organic, folk, more along the lines of roots, acoustic, and a little country”, says that this facet as an author came naturally. “As we grew up, each one defined their tastes, I started very young, at 10 years old and from 10 to 20, of course you form your own style, that’s how it was with me and with Gus and with Abe, it was already clear that each who had very different styles, very different concerns.

“I started writing songs on the last album we released as Vázquez Sounds, which was in 2019, to get more involved in the creative process together with my brothers, it was like a first taste of the world of composition, but I didn’t really make any songs. Alone, I didn’t even get so caught up in the lyrics, I dedicated myself more to the melody and the music”.

And it is that his destiny was written. “Since I was born I have known music, I grew up practically in the studio, between cables, instruments, for me it was a blessing to have grown up in that environment, I continue to learn from my father and my brothers,” concludes the artist originally from Mexicali.


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