Health issues: Queen Elizabeth II has fewer duties

Because of her health problems, Queen Elizabeth II has fewer official duties to perform. The palace has reformulated the role of the queen, the Telegraph newspaper reported on Sunday, citing the latest financial report. Some previous mandatory dates, such as the ceremonial opening of Parliament, have been canceled. The Queen was represented this year by her son and heir to the throne, Prince Charles.

The 96-year-old has repeatedly had mobility problems and has therefore repeatedly canceled appointments in recent months. The new version therefore offers a looser definition and no longer obliges the queen to perform certain tasks. More generally, the Queen’s role “encompasses a range of parliamentary and diplomatic duties.”

The monarch is described as an inspiration for “unified and national identity” and “continuity and stability”. There is also a change to royal visits. The “Queen’s Program” has been swapped out for a more general “Royal Program Visits”. “The Queen will be assisted by other members of the Royal Family who are performing official duties on Her Majesty’s behalf,” it said.