“Heartstopper” star makes Disney announcement – ​​THAT’s never happened before

“Heartstopper” star makes Disney announcement – ​​THAT has never happened before

05/11/2022 at 10:43 p.m

The Netflix empire: The greatest successes of the streaming giant

The Netflix empire: The greatest successes of the streaming giant

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the Netflix– novelty “heartstopper‘ is already an absolute fan favourite. In the British coming-of-age series, an openly gay boy and his previously undisclosed classmate become closer.

The series is mostly praised for its portrayal of the LGBTQ community and has dominated for weeks Netflix-Charts. Now want “heartstopperactor Joe Locke go one step further.

Mega hype about Netflix novelty “Heartstopper”: “Best series”

In the role of the teenager Charlie, Joe Locke won the hearts of the audience in no time at all. “Heartstopper” has been available on Netflix since April 22, 2022 and fans are already longing for a sequel.

On Netflix’s German Instagram account, comments such as “‘Heartstopper’ must go to the one!”, “All ‘Heartstopper’ watch! I need a second season” and “‘Heartstopper’ is the best series”.

There’s no official information about Season 2 yet, but with this viewer feedback, it seems highly likely that we’ll be seeing more of Charlie and his friend Nick (played by Kit Connor) in the near future.

‘Heartstopper’ star Joe Locke wants to ‘play Disney’s first gay prince’

Actor Joe Locke might also see fans in other formats in the future. Because: The 18-year-old has big plans.

In the “Independent” interview he announces: “I would like to play the first gay Disney prince. That would be a dream.” Even though Joe had no acting experience before he was cast in Heartstopper.

Since he has been in front of the camera for Netflix, he has quickly blossomed into a teen idol. The Brit is now followed by more than 2.2 million fans on Instagram.

Along with a Season 2 of Heartstopper, Joe is also hoping the show will take him to “more projects that mean something.” Only time will tell if he will make history as the first gay Disney prince.


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