Héctor Suárez Gomís after dispute with journalist

Hector Suarez Gomis He assures that Vicente Serrano, the journalist with whom he had the altercation yesterday in a restaurant, approached him and said: “It’s good that your father died because without him you are nothing.”

In interview with Joaquin Lopez Doriga For Radio Formula, the actor gave his version of what happened yesterday, after a video recorded by Serrano circulated on social networks in which he is seen Suarez Gomis accepting that he broke his glasses and exchanging insults.

Serrano accuses the actor of physically assaulting him, but Héctor says he never touched him. “What I did was that with the tips of my fingers I gave him a garruchazo and I pulled his glasses and they fell and broke; if he had broken his glasses on his face as he says, he would have at least one mark, and he has nothing”.

Suarez Gomis He said that his lawsuit with Vicente Serrano comes from ten years ago and assured that at that time he wanted to steal money from him.

Regarding what happened in the restaurant and that is not seen in the video, the actor said that Serrano was in the restaurant with bodyguards and that at a certain point, he approached him again to tell him something about his father, the actor Hector Suarez.

“When I finish recording the video, he gets up and stands up close to me again and tells me: it’s good that your father died because without him you are nothing.”

Suarez Gomis He said that the police arrived at the scene, that they put him in the patrol car and presented him at the police station where Serrano made his statement, while he reserved the right to present it in writing.

“I do not applaud what I did, I am not proud of what I did, but I want to tell my version of the events to make it clear that he is lying, that he is exaggerating and that he made a whole drama of throwing himself on the ground.”