Héctor Suárez Gomís can’t stand it and confronts a journalist

Vincent Serranocontroversial journalist and news host of the program ‘Sin Censura TV’ on YouTube and the son of renowned comedian Héctor Suárez, the actor Hector Suarez Gomisstaged a confrontation in a restaurant, because in a video, the informant is seen accusing the actor of having broken his glasses just for the sake of it.

the driver of news began to record a video with his cell phone, moments after having a strong altercation with, Hector Suarez Gomisin which his glasses were destroyed, as Serrano narrates in the video that he uploaded to his social networks.

The recording starts with Vincent Serrano sitting at one of the tables in a restaurant, where he first recorded the damage to his glasses, and then focused on Héctor Suarez Gomís, who was at another table in front of Serrano, accompanied by a woman.

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Héctor Suárez Gomís can’t stand it and confronts a journalist. Photo: YouTube.

In the recording you can hear how Vicente tells a man standing next to him, apparently a local waiter, that he wants to denounce the attacks to which he was subjected, about ‘the man’ who broke his glasses while focuses on Suarez Gomis.

Immediately, the journalist begins to confront the actor, since he directly claims the damage to his glasses:

Don’t be afraid, say everything you told me, that you were going to break my…”. To which Gomís replies: “You are a domesticated journalist, the only thing you know how to do is mess with people when you have a microphone, I confronted you and look, it was done like that”, while Serrano only repeated: “You broke my glasses” .

The actor accepts that he broke his glasses because he says “Yes, yes”, to which Serrano says, which further outrages the journalist.

So you just broke them for me because you felt like it,” says Vicente, to which the actor replies: “Just like you mess with me on the networks because you feel like it, just the same.”

After that response, there was silence for a few seconds in the video and then it ends. So it is not known what happened next, whether or not the policeman the waiters had called arrived.

However the journalist broadcast live on his way out of the Attorney General of the Republic, where he was accompanied by his lawyer and in which he sent a message not to fall into provocation, in addition to asking that Hector Suarez Gomis give him a public apology and if necessary go to therapy to control his character.

Suárez Gomís and Vicente Serrano have had an exchange of criticism on twitter, where their political differences have confronted them.

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