Heidi Klum gives private insights into Christmas: detail stands out

Heidi Klum, Bill and Tom Kaulitz sent Christmas greetings.

Heidi Klum, Bill and Tom Kaulitz sent Christmas greetings.Image: Instagram / Heidi Klum


Imke Gerriets

Like many other stars, Heidi Klum sent her millions of fans Christmas greetings on her Instagram account. Before that, Heidi got in the mood for the pre-Christmas period and showed her fans how to decorate the tree. In a video, she not only presented the many gifts that were in the living room, but also gave an indication of what she could give her husband Tom Kaulitz.

The “GNTM” juror wrapped herself in red wrapping paper and said: “I’m just wrapping my husband’s Christmas present.” In a recent clip, her community got an impression of how the 49-year-old finally celebrated Christmas.

Heidi Klum shows what her Christmas looks like

In Heidi Klum’s latest video, it quickly became clear that Christmas is an important tradition for her. She had a good time with her four children, Bill and Tom Kaulitz. Instead of being cooked for, everyone helped to conjure up a festive menu. In the clip, Heidi revealed, for example, that the tablecloth came from her grandmother Leni. Her oldest child is also named after her. The food was classic: sauerkraut, dumplings and goose.

Heidi, Tom and Bill’s dogs also received a lot of attention and were also part of the family celebration. In addition to games and a film, there was also something high-proof for the adults. Heidi, her husband and her brother-in-law finally treated themselves to a shot. However, their community could not say what they think of Heidi’s Christmas because the model turned off the comment function.

Like last year, a family snapshot could not be missing. They wrapped themselves in Christmas pajamas and wore personalized pointed caps. The faces of the children were also covered this time. Heidi Klum pays great attention to the privacy of her protégés. Even daughter Leni, who is now in the public eye herself, hid behind a gift like her siblings.

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