Heidi Klum poses in Las Vegas in her underwear by the window

Updated on 03/21/2022 at 16:58

  • Heidi Klum likes to be revealing.
  • Now the model has shared some snapshots from a Las Vegas trip with her followers, showing her wearing only her underwear.
  • The 48-year-old poses at a window.

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Heidi Klum shows photos of her recent Las Vegas trip with husband Tom Kaulitz and his twin brother Bill Kaulitz on Instagram. Among other things, the three can be seen in casual clothes on the way there in a car. “Destination Vegas,” writes Klum to the photo. In the next pictures, the three pose in front of a colorful stone sculpture in the desert.

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Then follows a clip showing a countdown. “Afterparty – Welcome to the guardian community – Heidi Klum” appears on a billboard as high as a house. For another photo from the event, the entrepreneur writes: “I just received my Afterparty Guardian on the Las Vegas Strip”.

The Las Vegas Strip is that section of Las Vegas Boulevard in the city in the US state of Nevada that is known for its dense cluster of luxury hotels and casinos.

Heidi Klum shares snapshot in underwear

Another highlight of the Vegas trip for many followers should also be the small, rather private photo session, of which Klum published three pictures. The “GNTM” star can be seen in a building with floor-to-ceiling windows.

She is only dressed in a white lace bra, a black panty-pantyhose combination and black strappy patent-leather pumps. With this look, she showcases her washboard abs and long legs in the best possible way.

In the first photo you can see her whole and from the front, in the second only her upper body. The third picture shows her from behind, looking out the window. In the commentary, she quotes the beginning of the famous saying: “What happens in Vegas …” (“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”) – thanks to Instagram, that’s not the case in Heidi Klum’s case.
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