Heiner Lauterbach and Emilio Sakraya: That connects the actors

“Kurt” (2022), “Cold Feet” (2018) or “Last Exit Sauerland” (2015): Heiner Lauterbach (69) and Emilio Sakraya (25) have already been in front of the camera together for various film projects. The actors recently reunited at the Cannes Film Festival to shoot a commercial for the new Magnum Remix ice cream flavors. At the corresponding interview appointment, both looked back on their ten-year friendship.

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This has included some first times for Emilio Sakraya. “I have a new tradition with Heiner: my first times. First feature film for television, first feature film, a leading role and now Cannes for the first time, too,” he jokes.

Which first time Lauterbach would like to experience again actually makes the 69-year-old ponder: It’s probably “that special thing about first love. You’re not even aware of it during that time.” He also tries to convey that to his three children: “I often say to them, which is probably atypical for fathers: Now go out and have fun! The strenuous moments and the serious ones come automatically.” One must also enjoy life, Lauterbach continues.

Sakraya also agrees with this. “You can enjoy anything if you choose to.” When considering whether this is easier for younger or more experienced people, he agrees with Heiner Lauterbach, who says: “Younger people enjoy more often, maybe have more opportunities to do so. But older people know how to enjoy better. They know that real enjoyment is a rare commodity, the young run faster, but the old know the shortcuts.

Passion for film and music

The greatest connection between Sakraya and Lauterbach is clearly the love of film. It has been with Lauterbach for over 40 years – although the supposed dream job also has its downsides. Getting up early, having your make-up done or learning texts are aspects that the actor “could do without”. Overall, however, he has “a really great job,” he says. Sakraya agrees, “Definitely!”

That’s why it’s not easy for the young actor to decide between music and acting. “For me there is no such thing as an either-or,” says the all-rounder. So after the film “Rheingold” there is another musical project. The album “1996”, named after Emilio Sakraya’s year of birth, will be released on July 1st. Heiner Lauterbach is also musical. He plays guitar, piano and drums, but is not aiming for a second career. His reasoning: Looking at his skills, experts would say “he doesn’t play anything”. Instead, he just finished the film “Advanced Grandchildren” and will soon start a series.

Sakraya: “For me you are a classic, Heiner!”

For Emilio Sakraya, Heiner Lauterbach is an integral part of the film business. He is “continuously present” – like a classic. “You’re a classic to me,” he says. Lauterbach thanks his “likeable colleague” for the compliment and summarizes: “There are three phases in a man’s life: young, old and you look good. From now on I say there are four phases in a man. The last one is: You’re a classic.” Lauterbach finds it “nice that you look up to people”, but warns against “copying things or people”. “Preserving authenticity is what’s so important to me,” agrees Sakraya.

The interview makes it clear: Heiner Lauterbach and Emilio Sakraya have a lot in common despite their age difference. It is quite possible that more will be added in the form of joint projects in the future.

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