Helene Fischer announces a huge Christmas surprise!

The year 2022 is coming to an end. Time to look back – also for Helene Fischer and her team.

The hit queen has every reason to be proud. In August 2022 she gave the biggest concert of her career so far, celebrating her big comeback in Munich in front of 130,000 fans. In order to sweeten the Christmas season for their followers, Helene Fischer’s team came up with a very special surprise.

Helene Fischer provides a Christmas surprise

In order to get Helene fans in the mood to celebrate again in 2022, there will be a “Helene Fischer Show” this year. Yes, you read that right! Anyone who has been following the artist’s career for some time knows that this live show has already captivated millions of TV viewers in previous years. Broadcast at Christmas, always on ZDF. But the show was supposed to be canceled this year. Because of the ongoing uncertainty about the corona virus, ZDF had canceled the show.

But the fans don’t have to do without it completely: the show is broadcast on YouTube and it consists of old performances. Helene’s team shares the message with the fans on Instagram: “On December 25th. at 8 p.m. we look back – with heartfelt thanks to ZDF – at the musical highlights of the HELENE FISCHER SHOW”.

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Helene Fischer fans express a great wish

Helene fans are happy about this unexpected gift – although this year’s show is just a rerun of the old shows. Even if that can’t spoil the joy, many fans on Instagram express a wish: a new Helene show.

“Very nice, but please, please another HF show soon,” comments one fan. Others agree: “It’s always nice to see these moments again. But I’m all the happier when the live show starts again, that’s really missing.”

More news about Helene Fischer:

Anyone who wants to see Helene live will have the opportunity to do so in 2023. The singer goes on a big tour from March to October – Helene will be on stage seven times in Cologne alone.