Helene Fischer: baby break ended! She celebrates a radiant stage comeback in the Alps

Helene Fischer is back from baby break. In the middle of the Swiss Alps, she’s back where her fans love to see her. The frame couldn’t have been better.

Pure sun with a pleasant twelve degrees outside temperature and a lot that was just waiting for her – the framework for Helene Fischer’s (37) comeback could not have been better. On Sunday afternoon, she will be back on the show stage at “SnowpenAir” in Grindelwald in the Swiss canton of Bern for the first time since the birth of her daughter at the end of 2021.

Helene Fischer comments on the war in Ukraine

And of course Helene hasn’t forgotten anything. In a cool outfit with sunglasses, a dark leather jacket and blouse as well as stylish Marlene pants, she heated up the audience with a powerful voice. A video of the performance can be seen on Instagram.

Striking: She also wore a bow in the national colors of Ukraine. Helene’s grandparents were deported to Russian Siberia as teenagers from what is now Ukraine.

At the event, she also expressed herself visibly moved about the war of aggression against Ukraine. “It breaks my heart to see that,” she said on stage, according to a video that was available to the German Press Agency. And further: “Every day the pictures of families torn apart; of fathers, brothers, soldiers, husbands who must die. From women who have to flee.” As can be seen in another video on Instagram, the singer wipes the tears from her eyes during her speech.

Helene Fischer: First appearance as a mom

For Helene Fischer, the appearance at “SnowpenAir” was the first as a mother. At the end of last year, she and her partner Thomas Seitel became parents for the first time. According to unconfirmed reports, the little girl’s name is Nala, based on a character from the movie “The Lion King”.

In 2022, Helene Fischer, who recently had a court dispute with a pensioner, will only give one concert in Germany. On August 20th she will appear at the exhibition center in Munich, where up to 150,000 spectators should be able to attend the open-air event.

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