Helene Fischer is helping Ukraine in secret

The war in Ukraine is still ongoing. Many stars with roots in the affected country have so far commented on the situation – except for Helene Fischer.

the essentials in brief

  • Helene Fischer has not yet reported to the war in Ukraine.
  • But the 37-year-old singer apparently helps in secret.

Since the Russian troops invaded Ukraine, the country has endured a lot of suffering and pain. Many celebrities with Ukrainian roots have spoken out about the war. But Helene Fischer remains silent.

The singer will not be seen idly, however. Because the 37-year-old usually helps in secret, as the “Bunte” reports. For example, she has been campaigning for the integration of Germans from Russia for a long time. Solidarity and international understanding are also very important to the beautiful Schlager Queen.

No wonder, because her grandparents also had to flee because of the Second World War. Her family then lived in a tiny barracks in Siberia. Her parents finally dared to travel back to Germany.

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